Friday, August 2, 2013

Pepper's First Birthday

When we brought Pepper home, no one was really sure when his birthday was, other than the fact that it was in August. We decided to choose August 1 as his birthday since it seemed as good of a day as any! :)

Let me tell you - there are few things in life that are cuter than walking into a room and overhearing your husband singing "happy birthday" to your puppy. Lots of kisses and snuggles later, Pepper got a big cookie for his gift and was very happy as we left for work.

I wanted to make his day extra special so I planned a celebratory evening in honour of our cutie pie. First up, his special dinner was a "mutt loaf" - basically a Yorkie-friendly meatloaf that I shaped into a teddy bear using a mold. He's normally a really picky eater so I was afraid that he wouldn't like it/it was too much for him, but he finished the bear off in about 5 minutes so I would say that it was a success!

For dessert, I baked him a Pepper-sized birthday cake. We stuck a candle in it, sang to him and we all made a wish. He must have been pretty full from dinner since he normally loves baked things but he only managed a few bites before jumping on the couch and falling fast asleep! :)

I hope he had a lovely first birthday! We sure had a fun time celebrating it with him. :)



  1. Pepper is a real CUTIE! Happy birthday!

    1. He knows he's cute too...and that we're powerless against it! :)

  2. Hey! I'm interviewing for a job in Iqaluit and I was wondering what it's like keeping a dog up there? I currently have a boxer pup and I was wondering what the adjustment would be like or if its better to leave him with my parents in Toronto. Thanks!

    1. Although there are a few differences to be aware of (having proper clothing for him would be essential for the cold weather - jackets and probably even booties), it's not a huge hassle to have a dog up here.

      Iqaluit is different from where we are because you have more options in terms of shopping for supplies and essentials for your pup. If you're set on specific treats, food, etc. you may want to consider shipping it up with you and/or finding retailers that will ship up supplies as you need it since selection can be limited. Dog food for example, is limited to a few brands here and it can be very, very expensive.

      I do know Iqaluit has many more dogs of different breeds than we have here, so it's probably not as different as Toronto than you think (other than layering him up in warm clothes when you take him for walks). :)

      Hope that helps!