Monday, August 12, 2013

Getting Darker

It's starting to get darker at night these days, but it still hasn't gotten to the point where it's completely night out yet. The picture above was taken over the weekend at around 1:30am by our friend - he was hoping to catch part of the Perseid meteor shower, but Northern Lights peeking through is a good consolation prize. That's about as dark as the sky gets these days - a deep, rich blue with hints of stars shining through.

I'm a big fan of this season right now - there is plenty of sunshine and vitamin D to soak up, and it's dark enough to sleep at night without trouble. The only sad part is that it is a reminder that summer is quickly coming to an end and we're heading into the cooler months soon. I have to constantly remind myself to absorb every hill, every colour, ever flower I see. When the long winter sets in and everything is covered in white, you tend to forget that there are hills in the distance or that the land is full of vibrant colour i n the summer. Everything is white and blends into each other (which in itself is beautiful), but it's good to remember that it's not all white all the time.

Really though, with views like this - who can complain?


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