Friday, August 30, 2013


Snow fence at sunset
It's been one of those weeks, you know? The weather hasn't been great this week and it's been pretty damp and cool out. The rubber boots are definitely out right now since there is mud everywhere. If I recall correctly, this should lead into freezing rain season and then I'm pretty sure we've seen the last of summer and the really warm days. :(

The week also started with us running out of water...just as I had gotten into a nice hot shower, so that was SUPER fun. (If by super fun you mean not at all, then it was definitely that.) Additionally, the neighbourhood kids are being extra mischievous these days and have discovered the fun of banging on our front door and running away. It's been driving Pepper bonkers, which in turn makes us not very happy either. Last night they got their hands on some bb guns and were shooting them at our back window - Jeff had to go out and suggest they go play elsewhere (though apparently they were trying to shoot the "birds"... what birds fly as low as our window, I don't know).

Thankfully, there's a planned power outage for half the hamlet - so our office isn't opening for a couple hours after our normal time (yay sleeping in!) and then it's the long weekend! Hopefully the weather cooperates and we'll be able to go out and enjoy some fresh air.

What are your plans for the weekend? Make the most of it - it's the last hurrah of the summer!


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