Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cell Phones

I know I said we weren't going to get a cell phone. We had these grandiose ideas of saving extra money, etc. Well...I couldn't do it. I caved. Threw in the towel. Waved the white flag. You get the point. Long story short, I got a cell phone that will work in the North.

Having had two (work and personal) cells for the past few years, quitting cold turkey was going to be a challenge. I've been transitioning this week with a non-smart phone and it's already been giving me withdrawal symptoms. That was pretty much when I decided we were going to have to get a phone that was going to work.

The satellites in the North run off the old CDMA system, so we needed to find either a Bell, Koodo, Telus or Virgin phone that hadn't switched to the 3G train. That in itself was pretty difficult, because most providers are moving away from CDMA and it's becoming obsolete here.

My intention was to get a compatible phone and keep my current 905 number (which I've had for over ten years). I'd then get a Canada-wide plan so I could talk/text unlimited without incurring long distance charges.

In the end, I went with Virgin because it was the only phone I could find that would work. However, this phone is so basic, it makes the one I had in high school seem fancy. Coming off a Blackberry, it also feels about the size of a peanut when i hold it. Sigh. BUT! It will work (hopefully) and I got my Canada-wide plan for $50/month, which seems pretty standard.

I just have to get used to not being so reliant on the phone!


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