Thursday, July 12, 2012


My lovely co-workers (in cahoots with my husband) planned a lovely surprise cocktail hour for me last night at one of the local restaurants by our office. Wine, yummy appetizers and lots of laughs were shared by all and it was so nice to mingle outside the office. I also got these pretty flowers, complete with pink lilies, of course!
As much as I am ready to make the move to a new role, it's always a difficult decision to make. I've made good friends over the past five years here, and there will be people that I will truly miss.

It still catches me by surprise when I think of how little time we have left in Ontario. It seems not so long ago that I gave my very long notice, and now we're talking about how next Friday is my last day. Where does the time go when you try so hard to slow it down? It's slipping by so quickly and we're trying hard to soak up as much time with our friends and family as possible - but it's hard when silly things like chores and work get in the way!

We'll just keep taking everything a day at a time and keep surrounding ourselves with hugs and love. Can't really say I'm complaining about that!


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