Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Yesterday was a big day in terms of the move - the moving company came and took our Nunavut-bound things away! While we thought we were going to be fairly accurate around the 4,000 pound mark, we were actually over by 700 when they went to weigh our things. Oops! So that meant that unless we wanted to pay for the freight (we certainly didn't want that, eek!), they had to pull the few furniture pieces off the truck that we had packed (no more bookcases, desk, freezer, etc. BOO!)
Look how big the truck is! It made our house look teeny tiny and took up 3/4 of the street to boot! The movers arrived around 9:30 and we helped them finish the rest of the packing before they loaded everything up. That was actually pretty frustrating itself because when they left last week everyone knew that more packing was supposed to be happening this week - but they didn't bring any more boxes, and said that we didn't discuss that. I know what was said, and I absolutely told them as we did a walk-through, that there was going to be more stuff to pack (considering there were entire rooms they didn't get a chance to go into last week!) Grr! Luckily we had a couple of empty boxes and we ended up packing most of the remaining items ourselves while they moved the other boxes out to the truck.When all was said and done we filled about 1/4 of the truck with our things and had a total of 158 boxes/items. That sounds like a lot, but the way I look at it is that it's our life/home for the next couple of years, so that's not a lot...right? See? It doesn't look so bad!
I'm just sad that we don't get a few of the pieces we were hoping for - it would have been nice to make it feel more like our home with our furniture. That, and I had asked that one of the bedrooms be left empty because the intention was that we were going to make that an office. So now we have an empty room that I'm not quite sure I know what to do with....it's a pretty big space for just an elliptical! Any suggestions?

The worst part is that after the movers left I started thinking of things we actually forgot to pack - our extra duvets, pillows (Pillows. We forgot pillows. I'm a dummy.), laundry baskets, etc. As ridiculous as it sounds that after shipping up 4,000 pounds we still don't have everything we need - we may need to courier/ship up a box or two of the things we miss. I should really look into how much sending things would cost...hrmmm.

Well...we may have stiff necks, but at least we won't starve because we have 3,999 pounds of food?

Hooray for silver linings! :)


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