Thursday, July 5, 2012

Packin' Up

It has been a busy week so far! We spent a day sorting through things into different piles, and then the packers came by yesterday to start boxing everything up. Who knew we had so much stuff?? The moving company sent two people and one man spent the majority of the six hours they were there, packing up my kitchen. Not including the food, just dishes and small appliances and everything that wasn't the kitchen sink. It was getting pretty ridiculous. He estimated that it was probably about 800 pounds or so of just those things.

Oops. I guess I really have no excuse to keep buying dishes (but I love buying dishes!). It also turns out we have 9,893,238 glasses (thereabouts, anyways.) Add in the food and supplies we've been buying and we're probably at about half our weight limit already! I had no idea things were that heavy; I thought we'd be struggling to reach our limit! Now I'm hesitant to bring some of the "nice-to-have" pieces of furniture that we were contemplating because I don't want us to go over and have to pay for the shipping.

The sorting and packing has been a good process to go through. I finally tackled my closet with some (not-so-gentle) encouragement/prodding from my bff, and managed to finally let go of things that I've been holding on to. Some of the things were from high school! you ever go through your clothes sometimes and think, why did I ever think that looked good? There was a lot of that going on during the sorting.

At the end of the day it took about 5 minutes to sort the kitchen stuff, and about 55 minutes to sort through my closet. (I have attachment issues, ok?) I did manage to put together two big bags of clothes to donate - but more importantly - I've got 3 bags of shoes that I'm letting go of too. That's a big step for me. Actually, the majority of my shoes will be put into storage because I won't be needing stilettos, peep toes, sandals, etc. (sob). How will I live?!? #firstworldproblems

Ok, shoe sympathy aside, the packers were here from about 9:30 until after 4, and were able to pack up 59 boxes. There are a few things that will still need to be packed up when they come back on Monday, but the majority of the things that are going are in boxes.

It is a maze to walk through the house right now. There are boxes everywhere: living room, kitchen, bedrooms - I just know I'm going to get up to use the washroom in the middle of the night and walk into a stack of them. This is basically our view in any given room right now:

It's hard to imagine that even with all the boxes, there is still a bunch of stuff to be packed and we never did finish our list. Maybe over the weekend we'll go finish off what's easy on the list and have it packed up on Monday and shipped off. I think I'd rather be safe and have more food and supplies rather than an extra'll save us more in the long run I think.

The rest of the stuff will be packed and put into storage a couple of days before we leave. Until then, we're living in this strange nomadic sense because the entire kitchen was packed (not even a cup left behind). Thankfully both our moms live close enough that we won't starve! Ha! :)


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