Thursday, July 19, 2012


When we were up for a visit, Jeff got to go on the Baker Lake tour with my co-worker who's been living there for a few years. While driving around, they stopped the car to let some cute birds cross the road. They reminded him of a partridge, but surely they could not have made it so far North. Here's how the conversation went:

Jeff: Those are cute. What are they?
Co-worker: Delicious.
Co-worker: Nice looking things, but they're incredibly stupid. And delicious.

Well then.
Welcome to the North! :)

Note: Turns out they were ptarmigans - kind of like a partridge, or other small gamebirds. They change colour depending on the season, but they really are kind of cute!
...I'd still probably eat it. Probably. ;)



  1. You're going to kill so many things when you're up there.. and then eat them.

  2. When you're hungry, you're hungry! ;)